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ACC - Fundamentals of auditing and business
Final Project & Internship Report - Accounting & Finance
BIF- Bioinformatics I & II
BIO- Basic I-Biology
BIT-Introduction to Programming
BNK-Banking Laws & Practices
BT- Ecology,Biodiversity & Evolution
CHE-Physical Chemistry
COM6-Final Project & Internship Report-Commerce
CS-Computer Science
ECO-Principles of Microeconomics
EDU-Foundations of Education
ENG-Elementary English
ETH-Ethics (for Non-Muslims)
FIN-Advanced Financial Accounting
GSC-General Science

HRM-Human Relations(MGMT)

ISL-Islamic Studies


MCD-Camera basics, principles and practices

MCM-Introduction to Mass Communication

MGMT-Total Quality Management (MGT)

MGT-Financial Accounting

MIS- Final Project-Management Information System

MKT-Marketing Management

MTH- Mathematics

PAD-Final Project-Public Administration

PAK-Pakistan Studies


PSC- International Relations

PSY-Introduction to Psychology

RTS-Research Thesis

SOC-Introduction to Sociology

STA-Statistics and Probability

URD - Urdu