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PHYSICS PHY101 Assignment 1 solution

PHYSICS PHY101 Assignment 1 solution

Assignment 1: (Spring 2018) (*Graded Assignment)
Due Date: 15/05/2018

DON’T MISS THESE Important instructions:

*      To solve this assignment, you should have good command over first 10 lectures.
*      Upload assignments (Microsoft word) properly through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
*      Write your ID on the top of your solution file.
*      All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.
*      Don’t use colorful backgrounds in your solution files.
*      Use Math Type or Equation Editor etc for mathematical symbols.
*      Write to the point and avoid from unnecessary explanation. Don’t copy/paste from the internet or any other source.
*      This is not a group assignment, it is an individual assignment so be careful and avoid copying others’ work. If some assignment is found to be copy of some other, both will be awarded zero marks. It also suggests you to keep your assignment safe from others. No excuse will be accepted by anyone if found to be copying or letting others copy.

Don’t wait for the last date to submit your assignment.                                                                                                                    
Question # 1

How far away is the haystack from the cannon in above shown figure?                      Marks = 08
Question # 2

Is it true or wrong to say that, a projectile has zero acceleration at its peak, either yes or no explain it with solid reason.                                                                                               Marks = 7

 Question # 3

a)      A car is moving around a circular track at a constant speed of 25 km/h. This means its velocity is constant, as well. Either yes or no explicate it with solid reason.

b)      One object has a mass of 1 kg and a speed of 2 m/s, and another object has a mass of 2 kg and a speed of 1 m/s. Can we conclude that both objects have identical momenta? Justify it with proper reason.                                                                               Marks = 5+5 = 10

Note :(*Graded & Non Graded Assignments): Please note that non graded assignment given for your practice and enhance understanding, your solution will be marked by Instructor with result declares, but marks would not be included in your final grades. On the other hand the marks obtained in graded assignment will be included in final result marks.

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