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STA301 - Statistics and Probability help material download

STA301 - Statistics and Probability help material download

If you are enrolled in the STA301 - Statistics and Probability, then this data helpful for you, Dear user some important data link is given below. There is some adobe reader format type books, software if needed in practice of STA301 - Statistics and Probability, Power-point slides and any other data which you need in the study at the Virtual University of Pakistan. Which is downloadable and very helpful for carrying educational activities in their educational STA301 - Statistics and Probability.

STA301 - Statistics and Probability

  1. Practice Questions Lectures 01-45 Complete.rar 
  2. Skewness is asymmetry in a statistical distribution.docx
  3. Joint and Marginal Probability Function.doc
  4. PPT SLIDES.rar
  5. How to calculate the frequency and Cumulative frequency.doc
  6. Cumulative Frequency and Relative Frequency.doc
  7. Statistics and Probability - STA301 Handouts1.pdf 
  9. Class Boundaries procedure.doc 
  10. Sampling Distribution of Means.doc 
  11. Difference between Tally bar and frequency..mp3 In this audio, you can learn Difference between Tally bar and frequency. Is there an always need for the tally bar? Can we skip tally bar?
  12. How to calculate the frequency and tally marks.doc How to calculate the Frequency and tally marks 
  13. How to calculate the value of z for Confidence Interval.doc 
  14. How to find the value of z for 85% Confidence Interval.doc 
  15. How to Use Math Type in GDB New Interface.docx  
  16. How to see MDB and GDB preview online before posting it.png 
  17. How to find the interval between 2.5 and infinity.docx 
  18. MathType Tutorial.mp4
  19. Examples of Combination and Permutation.pdf 
  20. Method of Maximum Likelihood Method.docx 
  21. How to find first and third quartile for raw data.doc
  22. The formula of Quartile in case of ungrouped data..docx
  23. The formula of the first Quartile.docx 
  24. Sampling Distribution of Differences between Means.doc
  25. Equally Likely - Mutually exclusive and exhaustive events.doc Explanation of: Equally Likely Mutually exclusive Exhaustive events 
  26. Box and whisker plot.mp4 
  27. Median for Discrete frequency Dist..avi 
  28. Histogram and polygon in excel.avi
  29. Dot Plot - How to create it by hand.pdf 
  30. Integration formulas.doc 
  31. Making Histograms, Frequency Polygons and Ogives, using Excel.doc Making of Histograms, Freq polygons and Ogives using excel 
  32. How to find the distribution function of pdf.doc

  1. MathType tutorial_vedio.rar 
  2. Integration with examples.doc
  3. Hypergeometric Distribution.doc 
  4. Finding the value of z,t, F statistics.doc
  5. five number summary, variance, and standard deviation.doc
  6. Cumulative Frequency.doc
  7. Example 1, lession45.doc 
  11. Table of the t-distribution.doc
  12. Normal dist.doc
  13. Table – Area under the Standard Normal Curve (Z – Table).doc Table values of Area under the Standard Normal Curve (Z – Table)with an explanation
  14. Finding the critical value of alpha for one-tailed test using the z table.doc procedure to find the z value for one-tailed test 
  15. Finding the critical value of alpha for two-tailed test using the z table.doc This file explains the simple procedure of finding the critical value for alpha for a two-tailed test using the area table of standardized normal distribution i.e, z table
  16. Most frequently used critical values of Z.doc This file contains the most frequently used critical values of Z, used in hypothesis testing.
  17. Regression X on Y.doc 
  18. Least Square.doc 
  19. Anti-log.doc 
  20. Test Statistic.doc 
  21. EXAMPLE 1.doc 
  22. t-test.doc
  23. Sample data.doc 
  24. Expected frequencies.doc 
  25. Standard deviation.doc 
  26. marginal p.d.f.doc 
  27. paired t-test.doc 
  28. Standard Normal Probabilities.doc
  29. Combination 2.doc 
  31. expectation.doc 
  32. S.D.doc 
  33. intergal example.doc integral example
  34. Binomial Distribution VS Hypergeometric Distribution.doc Compression of the binomial and hypergeometric distributions and there relationship of binomial approximation to hypergeometric distribution.
  35. Explanation of Double Integral.doc Explanation of Double Integral (Example in Lesson # 26)
  36. MathType Help.pdf This excerpt from the user manual of MathType will help you learn to “How to use MathType
  37. observed and expected frequencies.doc 
  38. Randomized Complete Block Design.doc 
  39. t-statistic for small sample sizes.doc
  40. t-statistic in different cases.doc 
  41. t-Distribution.doc 
  42. Lecture 25 example second.doc contains the illustration of second example lecture 25. Also, explain the relationship between F(x) and f(x)
  43. MathType Integral symbol.bmp Know the location of the integral symbol in MathType 
  44. Lecture 24 last example.doc Some detailed explanation of the example 
  45. Population mean.doc Population Mean
  46. The formulas for standard deviation.doc The formulas for standard deviation 
  47. Example 1 lesson 24.doc This file explains the example # 1 of lesson # 24 of handouts.
  48. integration_formulas.doc This file contains a list of very commonly used integration formulas.
  49. LESSON 34 EXAMPLE 2 MOMENT ESTIMATOR.doc This file contains the solution of example 2, lesson 34. which explain How to calculate moment estimators of mean and variance.
  50. The value of constant e.doc The value of constant 'e'
  51. Mean and Variance of sampling dist.doc Mean and Variance of the sampling distribution of mean (Lesson 31) 
  52. What is Binomial Distribution.doc 
  53. Uniform Distribution.doc 
  54. BASIC Derivative Formulas.doc 
  55. file.doc How to take Power in Math Type 
  56. power point
  57. Binomial distribution.doc 

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