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MCD402 - Lighting for TV Production help material download

If you are enrolled in the MCD402 - Lighting for TV Production, then this data helpful for you, Dear user some important data link is given below. There is some adobe reader format type books, software if needed in practice of MCD402 - Lighting for TV Production, Power-point slides and any other data which you need in the study at the Virtual University of Pakistan. Which is downloadable and very helpful for carrying educational activities in their educational life.

MCD402 - Lighting for TV Production 

  1. Topic 062.pdf 
  2. Topic 061.pdf
  3. Topic 060.pdf 
  4. Topic 059.pdf 
  5. Topic 058.pdf 
  6. Topic 057.pdf 
  7. Topic 056.pdf 
  8. Topic 055.pdf 
  9. Topic 054.pdf 
  10. Topic 053.pdf 
  11. Topic 052).pdf 
  12. Topic 051.pdf 
  13. Topic 050.pdf 
  14. Topic 049.pdf 
  15. Topic 048.pdf 
  16. Topic 047.pdf 
  17. Topic 046.pdf 
  18. Topic 045.pdf 
  19. Topic 044.pdf 
  20. Topic 043.pdf
  21. Topic 042.pdf 
  22. Topic 041.pdf 
  23. Topic 040.pdf 
  24. Topic 039.pdf 
  25. Topic 038.pdf 
  26. Topic 037.pdf 
  27. Topic 036.pdf 
  28. Topic 035.pdf 
  29. Topic 034.pdf
  30. Topic 033.pdf 
  31. Topic 032.pdf 
  32. Topic 030.pdf 
  33. Topic 029.pdf 
  34. Topic 028.pdf 
  35. Topic 027.pdf 
  36. Topic 026.pdf 
  37. Topic 025.pdf
  38. Topic 024.pdf 
  39. Topic 023.pdf 
  40. Topic 022.pdf 
  41. Topic 021.pdf 
  42. Topic 20.pdf  
  43. Topic 019.pdf 
  44. Topic 018.pdf 
  45. Topic 017.pdf 
  46. Topic 016.pdf 
  47. Topic 15.pdf
  48. Topic 014.pdf 
  49. Topic 013.pdf
  50. Topic 012.pdf 
  51. Topic 011.pdf 
  52. Topic 009.pdf 
  53. Topic 008.pdf
  54. Topic 007.pdf 
  55. Topic 006.pdf 
  56. Topic 005.pdf 
  57. Topic 004.pdf
  58. Topic 003.pdf 
  59. Light.docx 
  60. Topic 002.pdf

  1. Lighting for Film & TV-LIST OF BOOKS.pdf 
  1. producing videos, a complete guide.pdf 

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