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FIN619 - Final Project-Finance help material download

FIN619 - Final Project-Finance help material download

If you are enrolled in the subject FIN619 - Final Project-Finance, then this data helpful for you, Dear user some important data link is given below. There is some adobe reader format type books, software if needed in practice of FIN619 - Final Project-Finance, Power-point slides and any other data which you need in the study at the Virtual University of Pakistan. Which is downloadable and very helpful for carrying educational activities in their education activity of the subject FIN619 - Final Project-Finance.

FIN619 - Final Project-Finance

  1. Course Hand Book for Students (FIN619).pdf Course Hand Book for Students 
  2. Final_Project_Format_for_Banking Sector_of_Bank_A,_Bank_B_and_Bank_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2 _20X3.pdf Project format added which is designed for banking sector.
  3. Final_Project_Format_for_Z-Score Analysis_of_Company_A,_Company_B_Company_C_Company_D_and_Company_E_in_Same_In.pdf New project is introdcued and ammend instructions regarding lesson reference on JCL page.
  4. Final_Project_Format_for_Ratio_Analysis_of_Insurance Companies_of_Company_A,_Company_B_and_Company_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2_20X3.pdf New project has been added and ammend instructions reagrding lesson reference on JCL page.
  5. Final_Project_Format_for_Profitability_Ratio_Analysis__of_Company_A,_Company_B_and_Company_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2 _20X3.pdf Final project format of Profitability Analysis  
  6. Final_Project_Format_for_Market_ratio_analysis_of_Company_A,_Company_B_and_Company_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2 _20X3.pdf Update some instructions and two more ratios.
  7. Final_Project_Format_for_Liquidity_and_leverage_Ratio_Analysis_of_Company_A,_Company_B_and_Company_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2 _20X3.pdf Update some instructions and layout.
  8. Final_Project_Format_for_Cash_Flow_Ratio_Analysis_of_Company_A,_Company_B_and_Company_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2_20X3.pdf Update some instructions and layout.
  9. Final_Project_Format_for_Activity_Ratio_Analysis_of_Company_A,_Company_B_and_Company_C_in_Same_Industry_for_FY_20X1_20X2 _20X3.pdf Update some instructions and layout.
  10. Final Project Writing (Strategy and Tips).pdf Document regarding guidelines and tips for writing an excellent project.
  11. Common Mistakes Observed in Proposal Evaluation of Students.pdf Document for guidance about avoiding common mistakes in proposal preparation.
  12. Finance in a Nut Shell.pdf Document about finance in a nut shell.
  13. Do_s and Don_ts for Utilizing Skype.pdf Do's and Don'ts for Utilizing Skype (Students are advised to carefully read this)
  14. List of Topics.pdf New project topics have been added and ammend lesson instruction for formats.
  15. APA_Guidelines.pdf APA guidelines 
  16. Prsentation Slides Template for Students Other Than Z-Score Project.ppt Updated PPTs template 
  17. Guiding Material for Z-Score Guiding material for Z-Score analysis.
  18. Presentation_slides_template_for Z-score analysis.ppt New Template added for Z-score project presentation
  19. Plagiarism Sensitisation Policy.pdf Plagiarism Policy 
  20. Letter of Undertaking.pdf Letter of Undertaking 

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